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Law-Book Transcriptions

Transcription of the Vardill materials held by the Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections of Washington State University is now complete and they can be accessed in the Other Works section of the Society’s website.

The WSU stories form a significant part of Vardill’s Law-Book series. This unfinished and unpublished three-part series (A Little Girl’s Law-Book, A Young Lady’s Law-Book, and An Old Lawyer’s Legends) consists of a sequence of inter-connected stories about assumed identities and false inheritance claims, initially written for Vardill’s daughter Agnes, but ultimately intended for the general reader (See L’Envoi)

Portfolio of Unpublished Works

The Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (MASC) of the Washington State University Libraries contain a portfolio of important Vardill materials, including a letter from Lord Moira authorizing the dedication of her first book to Princess Charlotte, and a volume of unpublished stories collected for her daughter Agnes.

These materials are contained in Cage 1541 of MASC.

With the kind assistance of the MASC Manuscripts Librarian, the Society has acquired scans of the unpublished Vardill stories and obtained permission to place transcriptions on the Society’s website.

The work of transcribing and digitizing the stories will take several weeks, and notification of completion will be posted to the Journal.

The Attic Chest

Anna Jane Vardill was an enthusiastic contributor to the Attic Chest literary circle hosted by Eleanor Anne Porden. Her submissions to the circle are preserved by the Derbyshire Record Office (DRO) as part of the Gell Collection.

With the help and cooperation of the DRO, the Society has transcribed the entire Attic Chest collection and placed it online. The collection is available at attic.vardill.org and links to Vardill’s contributions can be found at attic.vardill.org/authors/vardill.

A reference section has been added for materials related to the Attic Chest. The following items are currently available:

  1. Eleanor Anne Porden. The Veils; or The Triumph of Constancy. London: John Murray, 1815.
  2. Edith Mary Gell. John Franklin’s Bride. London: John Murray, 1930.